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The origin story

The Story So Far..

In early 2019, I built an incredibly rudimental version of SWC for my wife - a graphic designer based in London. It did the job, she found it far easier to manage client revisions and approvals.

We shared it with her colleagues. In their work as designers, marketers, video producers and project managers, they encountered the problems caused by content reviews on a daily basis.

Managing revisions and approvals was stressful. We showed them SWC and turns out, they loved it too.

We continued to build it out in to a more reliable platform, and in 2020 we released SWC in to the wild. We've been improving it ever since.

For teams that need to get content proofed, or approved by internal or external stakeholders - SWC makes it easy to manage the entire process.

But this is just the beginning.

There's a lot more to come as we work towards our vision of a far smarter and better review process for all teams. We are excited and grateful to be on this journey alongside our amazing team and users.

Parag AS
Parag AS
Director at SWC

Our Core Values

We're offering you a service that is designed to improve your work-environment and your clients' experience. You need to know why we're best suited to help.

We Understand the Context
We Understand the Context

We strive to share information openly and proactively, so everyone can see the context of any situation.

We're Nice People
We're Nice People

We express respect for others, maintain poise in stressful situations, and above all, embrace honesty.

We Have Clear Goals
We Have Clear Goals

When setting and tackling new goals, we always keep in mind what is best for our users.

We Accept Responsibility
We Accept Responsibility

We made a commitment to provide you a service, and we will stand by that commitment.

We are Curious
We are Curious

Through collaboration with users, we're constantly reviewing and upgrading SWC.

User Data Protection
User Data Protection

Keeping your data safe is our number one priority through any changes or upgrades we implement.




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What Our Customers Are Saying

Feedback from some our longest running users.

Branding/Design Freelancer

You guys are so clever (and generous with your time!) My designer friends honestly cannot believe how affordable this is. Amazing!

Freelance Brand Strategist and Designer

This app is amazing and I just found it through a recommendation in a Facebook group. It's perfect for client reviews.

Graphic Designer

Super useful for getting client feedback and approval, especially in the later stages of a project.

Web Designer

I heard about SWC in a Facebook Group. I love using SWC, and I can't wait to see the new features as they're rolled out!!

Freelance Designer

There's nothing out there that fits the bill like SWC does. Great to hear indie developers are still changing industries!

Freelance Graphic Designer

I have to say, I am in love. They listen to users, design and build what we need and the whole thing is just perfect!!!